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Sector Fencing is a simple, modular, and easy-to-install fencing system that can also be customised to add a stylish look that complements the features of any home. Anyone with basic handyman skills could build an attractive and durable fence that will add value and privacy to your property. Simply install the posts, slide in your panels of choice, and finish with a few finishing touches.

Blockade Fencing

The "Blockade" is a front boundary solid panel fence that reduces noise, increases security, and keeps kids off the street.

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Frontier Fencing

The neat and affordable choice typically utilised for side border installations is the "Frontier" variety panel fencing.

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Styleline Fencing

The solid panel fencing from "Styleline" has excellent style without sacrificing the palatial splendour of a more open feeling.

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Borderline Fencing

Spice up our Frontier fencing with a touch of  slats for infills. needing that semi open feeling fencing ?...

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Breezeline Fencing

The "Breezeline" gives off an airy, secure atmosphere. An easy do it yourself system, can be installed by any handyman.

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About Sector Fencing

SECTOR Fencing is a simple, modular, easy-to-build fencing system, which can also be customised to add a stylish look to complement the features of any home.

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Made in New Zealand. Built to last.

Proudly a New Zealand owned manufacturer of Sector Fencing products. All Sector Fences are strong, versatile, easy to install and built to last. With great sound barrier qualities and a choice of options to add value to your investment.