SECTOR Fencing is a simple, modular, easy-to-build fencing system, which can also be customised to add a stylish look to complement the features of any home.


It’s all about our own peace and quite these days… Lets face it, houses are being bundled into smaller sections and our neighbours are only an arm’s length away. So being “un-heard-of” has become difficult to up hold.That’s where the Blockade with its brilliant acoustic qualities plays its part .The composite wall panels laminated with fibre cement board in the Blockade range have highly effective noise reduction properties. With a 20+dB audible reduction in traffic and general neighbourhood noise, this fencing system is ideal if minimising roadside noise is a priority.

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With all the gadgets we have these days, life is complicated enough… So, when you get home at night its good to put your feet up and “take it easy”. That is why we have made the Sector range so simple. A total of 7 colours and 4 simple, but brilliant eye catching designs.


Featuring simple DIY installation methods, the entire Sector Fencing range is popular with homeowners wishing to install their own fence. Measure the length of fencing required and a simple calculation will allow you to order the correct number of panels and posts. Once the postholes have been dug and posts inserted, the standard length panels can be quickly slotted into place.Of course, we are here to help with any questions you have, or if you need an accredited installer. Just call us on 0800 235 2473

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Extreme Durability

How well does it hold up in NZ conditions you ask? Well, it’s the posts that do all the work. The posts have to bear the brunt of the fierce NZ winds by holding the panels in place. That is why the Sector range has been developed with the strongest post you will find in panel fencing. We have specifically designed the 90 x 90mm back to back square post for this range. These posts have also been trialed and proven by many fencing installers in NZ now and the comment we get is that they don’t flex in the wind (before the panels are fitted) like the other systems do that they have installed. “They are so much stronger”Then of course the NZ sun… Of course, we have to remember the UV. The Sector coloured steel range has been commonly used in our Garden Master Sheds now for over 40 years.Then there’s the coat; once again our Sector fencing is protected by the multi layered colour coating systems used for roofing our houses. But the thing to note is that the coloured coating is layered over alu-zinc at 150 gsm to protect from rust, and the posts are coated with 275 gsm of zinc coating (prior to the paint layers) to hinder the concrete from eating into themIt is with our 40 years experience in the trade that we can comfortably give this brilliant product a 10 year warranty, but behind the scenes knowing that these fences will still be upright well after we have gone…

Stunning and Adaptable

Sector composite panel sections are designed to be painted using standard exterior acrylic paint finishes or textured coatings, allowing you to match your fence to the colour of your home. By including decorative slats, the Styleline panel system creates a stylish and customised look to complement the features of any home. Opt for slats with Borderline sheeting sections for a cost-effective solution, or use Breezeline to enclose and protect private areas. Any combination will add the finishing touch to your new boundary investment.

Styleline Sector Fencing
Breezeline and Blockade Fence


The Frontier has been specially price positioned to be attractive to home owners that want a nice clean finish to their property at very low maintenance and low cost. It is not priced as budget as timber fencing, but as you can see the benefits are so vast that the cost and the look quickly outweigh each other.At the other end of the scale the Styleline being the most expensive option gives that brilliant palatial feel, but at a still much more competitive price than the likes of the solid wall systems like the BelAire Designer Fencing.

Made in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand from high quality components, the system offers a strong and durable boundary solution in any climate. Storetech Industries Ltd being the manufacturer of this new Sector range means that any part can be whipped up and shipped out well before any imported goods even get on board the treacherous journey from… somewhere else.

New Zealand's Hilly Montainous Landscape
New Zealand's Forests

Eco Friendly

Storetech Industries Ltd is committed to making NZ a better, more sustainable country. So it is our responsibility to make sure our forests are preserved by encouraging all home owners look to this more environmentally friendly option to wrap up their boundaries.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If any component of the supplied fence fails – we will replace it! Ensure your fence is built and secured to our supplied instructions as a minimum. The Warranty does not cover damage or loss through act of God.

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Made in New Zealand. Built to last.

Proudly a New Zealand owned manufacturer of Sector Fencing products. All Sector Fences are strong, versatile, easy to install and built to last. With great sound barrier qualities and a choice of options to add value to your investment.